About us

Delicious, healthy, affordable fresh food, for you and your family. That’s what’s on our menu – and we are glad you’ve stopped by for a little taste.
Arawak Catering has been started by two brothers, Robert and Stephen Robinson, whose idea is to merge fresh Caribbean style with world wide fusion.
Head Chef Robert worked and was trained as a Conran Chef Apprentice where he became an Cordon bleu Chef, and expert dessert maker.
With his experience, ACS offers you a taste of the West Indies, gained from working in the family business, adding European elements from working with Conran Michelin starred restaurants in London, creating a unique fusion and contemporary style.
Safia Ibrahym, ran a family owned business, Flavas Restaurant and Catering Company for many years and brings experience and knowledge of Caribbean cookery to ACS.
Lionel Robinson: Skully’s Jamaican Food’s Is also back in the mix with well over 30 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.
Lionel is the Father of Head Chef Robert and his brother Stephen. We are a family run company with many years in the industry and right now at ACS is a very exciting time which we are please to share with the world.
We offer you and your family and friends delectable, beautifully presented meals .
We can tailor a meal just for you, and of course cater events large and small.
Take a look at our menus and give us a call today! Bon appétit!

Arawak Catering Services is a specialist catering company in Jamaican food. The food of the
Caribbean, as you know, is incredibly diverse, as are its peoples. It has been influenced by
a wide variety of cultures. There really is nothing like it!
Although originally populated by Taino Indians ( known until very recently as the Arawak
Indians) the Caribbean was originally colonised by the Spanish, followed by the British,
French, Portuguese, and Dutch. The colonists also introduced Africans, Chinese, Indians,
Irish and Scottish to the territories. With such a diverse population it can only be expected
that some of the most interesting foods were created, combined and modified, to become
some of the most flavourful dishes in the world.
As is expected of island nations, the populations hold a close relationship with the sea and
have an exotic range of seafood dishes which really bring meaning to the saying,’ you eat
with your eyes’. Our chicken and pork jerk dishes explode with taste that is unforgettable.
Our exotic fruits and vegetables, such as, ortaniques, ackee, callaloo and okra add real
texture to our meals.
As a catering company, we bring all those things to the table and much much more.